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Clean Room Modular Panel & Doors

Sandy Industry Solutions clean rooms are unique in their design of Modular Panel System specifically designed to suit all applications to meet industry requirements, while maintaining modular flexibility. Sandy Industry Solutions provides a complete range of clean room Modular Panels and Doors with progressive and non-progressive designs to suite your needs. Sandy Industry Solutions takes very much care in designing wide range of options in panel selections. The ceilings are designed to fit every requirement with quality standards, which are of suspension type with walkable or non-walkable designs. The Doors and Panels are considered more important in clean rooms. Our panels and ceilings are insert, non-particle shedding, forming part of the clean room. Sandy Industry Solutions wall panels are manufactured in standard sizes and can also be customized in accordance with FDA validation procedures and international standards.
1. Panel Thickness: 40,50,80 and 100m
2. Panel Width: 1200mm
3. Infil Materials: PUF/Paper Honeycomb/ EPS
4. Sheet Thickness: 0.6/0.8/1.0mm
5. Sheet Finish: PPGI/PCGI/SS
6. Panel Connection: Aluminum/GI interconnecting profile
7. Glazing: Flush 5mm toughened glass on both sides
8. Door: PCGI Single/Double steel lock formed construction
9. Coving: R50, R70 & R90 aluminum snap fit.

Turnkey Hvac Solutions

Sandy Industry Solutions is a technology based and knowledge driven enterprise, offering superior quality at competitive prices. Sandy Industry Solutions strategic vision is to provide latest technology and create customized solutions for your requirements. Our search for perfection guides us to focus on quality in our entire product range.
Company Profile :
Sandy Industry Solutions as the name suggests in the progress of the company, and in providing complete engi-nearing solutions, especially for clean room applications in the field of pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Biotechnology and Food Processing across the globe. "Safety, Improvement, Morals" are core values of the organization.
With this strategic vision, we provide the latest technology to create customized solutions to the business requirements. With "Safety, Improvement and Morals” we thrive for perfection to focus on quality in our entire product range. With our qualified research and design staff, skilled profession­als, engineering team, and our rich experience in practice we are committed to provide high quality of service to ensure their total satisfaction every time.. We explain to future investments of our customers through training, development and technology to keep up continuous improve­ment and give the best possible service to our customers.
Quality is the main integrity of the business. So the company has always been on "customer first, quality first, credibility first”. We are committed to give our customers the highest quality of service and make sure their total contentment and to do a diversified workforce that reflects our core business.


The Cleanroom HVAC system is a blend of many elements that are to be carefully chosen to deliver required environmental conditions. Assured all these elements include Filtration levels, Blower and Motor Assembly, Cooling and heating coils, duct work, supply and return modules, filters, grills, diffusers and dampers which distribute controlled and conditioned air to the required space.
A Cleanroom HVAC system includes: High Quality and efficiency air handling undespair distribution and diffusion system with automatic regulation, air exhaust system, heating, cooling, dehumidify­ ing equipment to control temperature etc.
Sandy Industry Solutions is a prominent service provider in clean room HVAC systems:
1. Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Air Handling Units.
2. Design, Fabricate, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Duct work.
3. Clean Room Validations as per ISO14644guidelines.
4. Engineering Documentation like DQ, IQ, OQ and Test Reports as per GMP and ISO Guidelines.
4.Bulk Drugs