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Lux Meter, With Sensor Without Sensor, Uv Meter With Sensor Without Sensor, Uvtransmitter

Calibration of all type of Lux meter and UV meter, UV transmitter by comparison method.

Oxygen,n2,co,c02,dew Point Meter And Dew Point Sensors Calibration

Oxygen, N2, CO, C02 Calibration will be performed by using standard cylinders and Dewpoint Meter and Dew point sensors Calibration will be performed by comparison method.

Ph,conductivity ,orp, Tds,

PH, Conductivity, ORP, TDS calibration will be performed by using standard solution

Mechanical Items Calibration

Vernier Caliper-Micrometer-Digital length meter-Block Gauge Digital Depth Gauge-MeasuringType-Depth Gauge - Wobble meter Screw Gauge -Plunger Dial Gauge -Bore Gauge -Go no go gauge- Wobble meter - Screw Gauge - Plunger Dial Gauge - Bore Gauge - Go no go gauge

Electro- Technical

All Digital Multimeter, Clampmeter, Universal Calibrator, RTDs, Decade Resistance box, all type of Electrical signal input, Temperature Indicator and Universal data logger. Also, other instruments like Digital Timer- Timer- Stop Watch- RPM Indicator- Digital Pressure Indicator­ Temperature Indicator- Flow Meter- Digital Tachometer- Digimatic Micrometer- ORP Meter- conductivity meter- Power line Analyzer -Conductance Meter- Power line Transducer- Static Sub-standard Meter- Rotary Sub-standard Meter.Above instruments calibrated with NIST traceability by using Below Standards instruments

Lowpressure 0-2000 Mmwc

All Magnetic gauges, DP Transmitters, BP Apparatus.Above instruments calibrated with NABL Traceability

VACUUM ((-0.9)to 0 bar)

All Vacuum gauges and vacuum transmitters.Above instruments calibrated with NABL Traceability.

Pressure Parametrs (ranges 0 To 1000 Bar)

All pressure gauges and pressure transmitters by using comparison method with WIKA make High accuracy Traceability. Pressure gauge, Digital Pressure gauge Pressure Transmitter Above instruments calibrated with NABL Traceability

For Humidity Parameter Covers The Range From 10 To +90% Rh

Using the High Stability Mischel Temperature and RH Generator and High accuracy Rotronic Indicator with a sensor with best CMC started from 0.8%.

Temperature,transmitters, Rtds, Thermocouples Sensors With And Without Indicators.

For Temperature Parameter covers the Range from -95 o +1200 Deg: All type of temperature sensors, Gauges, Ultra Cool Deep Freezer - 192 to 50 Degrees. Using the High Stability Temperature Source of Fluke make 9190 and 9150 and High accuracy sensor IRTD sensor, 6 and a half DMM and Fluke indicator with best CMC started from 0.05, Nist Traceability by using Below Standards instruments SOURCE FLUKE, MASTER IRTD SENSOR WITH INDICATOR

Anemometers And Capture Hood Calibration For All Type Of Brands

Calibration Facilityat Lab

Sandy Industry Solutions is an independent Calibration facility set up at Lab and providing services for the following parameters at its state of the art laboratories which is equipped with reference calibration standards from world-renowned brands like Fluke, WIKA. We Do all types Microbial Air Samplers Calibration.